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No. 4 (2021)

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Frequency of journal is quarterly
The journal was founded in 1999

The journal  «Family medicine» was founded in 1999 to inform medical society about achievements, problems and prospects of family medicine development in Ukraine. From the beginning the journal promotes family medicine, describes the activities of Ukraine Association of Family Medicine, publishes the reviews of the global formation and evidence of advantages of the primary medical care organization based on principals of family medicine in different countries.  Due to the constant participation of the Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine in journal development and significant personal efforts of the first chief editor of the journal – prominent Ukrainian scientist and teacher prof. Grygorii Lysenko, - «Family Medicine» publishes wide spectrum of the original researches and recommendations in different fields from the leaders of medical science of Ukraine. In short time  the journal become the leading edition, not only for family physicians but also for a wide circle of other medical specialists in Ukraine.

Editorial Team

Current Issue

No. 4 (2021)
Oleksandr Burianov, Volodymyr Kvasha, Mykhaylo Zadnichenko, Taras Omelchenko, Yurii Sobolevskiy, Viktor Lykhodiy


Management of Patients with the Clavicle Fracures
Viacheslav Zhdan, Maksym Tkachenko, Maryna Babanina, Yevdokiia Kitura, Olena Kyrian


The Most Common Causes of Comorbidity in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis
Svitlana Yermolenko, Viktor Orlovskyi, Oleksandr Orlovskyi, Albina Zharkova, Roman Romanov


Treatment of arterial hypertension with diuretics depending on patient’s salt sensitivity
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Popular Articles

No. 4 (2021)

The Main Mechanisms of the Effect of Intestinal Microflora on the Immune System and Their Importance in Clinical Practice


The intestinal microflora protects humans from colonization by pathogenic microorganisms and inhibits their growth. It is known that one of the functions of normal flora is to activate not only the local immunity of the intestine, but also the system of the whole organism. Today, probiotic preparations with immunomodulatory effects are widely used in medical practice, containing...

No. 4 (2021)

Unified Scale for Assessing the Risk of Thromboembolic Complications – Family Doctor’s Tool for COVID-19 Pandemic


At present one of the most discussed medical problem is a COVID-19 pandemic. The world has already registered 274 408 291 cases of infection, and 5 365 361 lethal consequences. This disease is already known for almost two years, but there are still no clear understanding of its pathophysiology, clinical course and optimal therapeutic tactics. In Ukraine during this period, 3,324,999 patients...

No. 4 (2021)

The Study of Parents’ Convictions and Attitudes to the Vaccination Against Rotavirus Gastroenteritis in Ukraine


Rotavirus Gastroenteritis (RVGE) is one of the most frequent causes of diarrhea in children that can lead to severe dehydration. Specific etiotropic therapy of RVGE is absent but the disease can be prevented by vaccination that is recommended by WHO for inclusion in all national programs. In Ukraine, vaccination against RVGE is non-mandatory; whereas peoples’ confidence in vaccination is low....

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