Reproductive Health of Women with the Combined Pathology of Uterus and Mammary Glands


О. А. Полюлях


The objective: depression of disturbances of reproductive function and gestational complications at women with combined pathology of uterus and mammary glands on the basis of studying of new aspects of pathogenesis of sterility and development of obstetric and perinatal pathology, and also improvement and introduction of algorithm of diagnostic and treatment-and-prophylactic actions depending on options of the combined pathology of uterus and mammary glands.

Materials and methods. Sterility treatment at all patients at 1 stage was carried out by use of auxiliary reproductive technologies. 1 group was made by 90 women with diffuse diplasya of mammary glands. Three subgroups were distinguished from them taking into account existence of accompanying genital pathology. At the 2nd stage of researches by us it was carried out complex clinical-laboratory and functional inspection 210 women who depending on existence of the combined pathology of uterus and mammary glands were divided into groups and subgroups. In complex of the conducted researches were included clinical, ekhografical, dopplerometrical, cardiotocografical, morphological, endocrinological, biochemical and statistical.

Results. Use of algorithm of diagnostic and treatmentand-prophylactic actions allows to reduce the frequency of spontaneous abortion by 4.5%; premature births – for 3.3%; placental dysfunction – for 14.3%; preeclampsias – for 7.8%; anomalies of patrimonial activity – for 11.1%; fetus distress – for 7.8%; the cesaraen sections – for 10.0%; asphyxias of newborns of average degree – for 14.8%; the serious – for 7.3%; post-hypoxemic encephalopathy – for 7.3%; realization of fetal becoming infected – for 6.8% and perinatal losses – for 3.5% respectively.

Conclusion. Use of advanced algorithm of treatment-and-prophylactic actions at women with the combined pathology of uterus and mammary glands allows to reduce significantly frequency not reproductive losses, but also obstetric and perinatal complications that is the solution of an important problem of modern obstetrics.


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