The Journal «Family medicine. European practices» publishes printed promotional materials. The Journal’s advertising activities are not related to editorial activities and selection and publication of scientific articles. The Journal «Family medicine. European practices» reserves the right to refuse any advertising, upholding high standards of editorial policy.

Advertising materials are published without disrupting the order of articles’ placement. To avoid implicit endorsement by the Journal, articles or authors, promotional materials are not placed next to articles that are close in content to the product (drugs, medical devices) or methods of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation that are advertised.

All advertising materials in the Journal are marked with the word «Advertisement» or the appropriate sign. The Journal’s «Family medicine. European practices» website does not contain online advertising. The advertiser or advertising agency is responsible for compliance with the relevant legal requirements and rules in accordance with Article 21 of the «Law of Ukraine «On Advertising».

Regarding the advertising and information materials, please, contact the editorial office by phone: (044) 257-27-27.