The «Family Medicine» Journal is a leading scientific and practical publication, which promotes ideology and philosophy of family medicine, informs about activities of public organizations of family doctors, consolidates readers of different specialties interested in the latest achievements of world and domestic medical science and medical education, evidence-based medicine, practical activities of primary care specialists in Ukraine and abroad.

«Family Medicine» was founded in 1999 as a means of informing the medical community about the successes and problems, achievements and prospects of family medicine in Ukraine. From the very beginning the Journal promotes family medicine, tells about activities of the Ukrainian Association of Family Medicine, reviews world experience and proves advantages of primary medical care organization in different countries on principles of family medicine.

Thanks to the initiative and considerable efforts of the first editor-in-chief of the Journal - the outstanding Ukrainian scientist and teacher professor Grigory Ivanovich Lysenko, the journal was founded on the basis of the Shupyk National University of Public Health of Ukraine (former Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education). The Journal publishes original scientific research and recommendations of the leading domestic specialists and scientists in various fields of medicine.

The Journal very quickly became the leading publication not only for family doctors but also for a wide range of other medical professionals in Ukraine. In the Journal's archive, you can see original articles devoted to the development of family medicine in the world, discussion of world forums of primary care specialists, coverage of activities and cooperation of the Ukrainian Association of Family Medicine (UAFM) with colleagues from around the world - USA, UK, the Netherlands, Australia.

Main topics of publications: therapy, endocrinology, gastroenterology, rheumatology, cardiology, allergology, psychoneurology, dermatology, pulmonology, otolaryngology, infectious diseases, immunology and vaccine prophylaxis, pharmacology.

Target audience - practicing physicians of various specialties: family physicians, emergency physicians, internists, endocrinologists, cardiologists, rheumatologists, psychoneurologists, pulmonologists, gastroenterologists, otolaryngologists, dermatologists, infectious disease specialists.

Main focus: the Journal has a practical orientation and publishes articles by leading specialists, opinion leaders, covering actual problems of the clinic, diagnostics and treatment of a wide range of nosologies; optimal algorithms for today's diagnostics and therapy of internal diseases, management of emergency conditions.

Segmentation of the readership by specialty: general practitioners and internists - 45%, cardiologists and rheumatologists - 18%, gastroenterologists - 10%, pulmonologists - 8%, allergists and dermatologists - 7%, neurologists - 5%, endocrinologists - 4%, otolaryngologists - 3%.

Main sections: health care, current topic, new in medicine, lectures, problems of cardiology, therapy, gastroenterology, etc.), clinical analysis, pharmacology, from practice, modern diagnostics, in the doctor's notebook, medical equipment, emergency care.

The editorial board considers completed, original works that have not been published before, designed in the form of experimental articles, reviews, reviews, reports, reviews of scientific literature.

Authors have the right on authorship of the article and provides the journal with the right of first publication of this work on the conditions of the license Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, which allows other person to spread freely the published work with the mandatory citing of the authors of the original publication in this journal.

Once published, the article becomes freely available on-line to the public, and the use of the article provides for mandatory reference to the authors of the publication and the Journal. The authors retain the right to the manuscript, as well as the use of materials of their own published articles.

The Journal maintains an author archiving process. Prior to submission to the Journal, authors may post copies of their articles in progress to general nonprofit sites. Authors may also archive their final author versions of a manuscript in the repositories of their institution and, optionally, on their personal sites. At that, the authors should indicate on the first page of each activated version the references to the publication, DOI number, and URL of the published article on the journal site.

Articles in the journal are printed in Ukrainian, English, and Russian and are accompanied by summaries in English, Russian, and Ukrainian.

The articles are published according to the Open Access principle.

Each article is assigned a DOI (digital object identifier), which facilitates search, indexing, distribution, further promotion and citation.

The journal performs the entire process of preparing articles for publication, including editing and digital data processing (conversion to PDF, XML, etc).

Frequency of publication - 6 issues per year.

Terms of payment

Author fee for the publication is 150 UAH per 1800 characters.

Pre-processing of articles - free of charge.

The cost of the issue is 100 UAH.


You can subscribe at any local post office.

Subscription index - 89962.


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