Adolescent Drug Addiction in Ukraine: Social and Psychological Aspects


Volodymyr Podolian


Adolescent drug addiction in Ukraine is a serious problem that requires proper attention and evaluation from modern society. Timely public reaction to this issue determines the methods of its solution and ways to prevent adolescent drug addiction in Ukraine in the future.

The objective: of the paper is to identify the dominant psychological and social factors that motivate adolescents to start using drugs.

Materials and methods. The main research method is the method of analysis, which was used to comprehensively consider and describe the factors that push young people to use drugs, despite the obvious threat to their health and life.

Results. Authors consider issues of social and psychological aspects of adolescent drug addiction, problems of relations in society and families where adolescents begin to use drugs. The study covers the types of family relations and the nature of intra-family relations, in which adolescents start using drugs. The main social and psychological factors that push modern young people to take drugs are identified.

Conclusions. The urgency of the subject matter is determined by the danger of drug addiction among Ukrainian adolescents and the lack of attention paid by parents to the study of this problem and the lack of proper attention to this issue in most Ukrainian schools.


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Podolian, V. (2021). Adolescent Drug Addiction in Ukraine: Social and Psychological Aspects. Family Medicine, (2-3), 20–23.
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Volodymyr Podolian, Vinnytsya National Pirogov Memorial Medical University

Volodymyr M. Podolian,

Department of Emergency and Military Medicine


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