Estimation of Elastography Parameters of the Pancreas and the Liver with Comorbidity of Chronic Biliary Pancreatitis and Obesity

Л. С. Бабінець, К. Ю. Кицай


The objective: is to evaluate the structural state of the liver and the pancreas, and their dependence on the etiology of the biliary factor and obesity, to analyze the relationship between them.

Materials and methods. The results of the study of shear wave elasticity indices in 137 patients with chronic biliary pancreatitis (CBP) are presented in the article. Among them are 115 patients with CBP and adiposity (main group) and 22 patients with CBP (comparison group).

Results. The increase of the stiffness of both the liver and the pancreas to steatosis was established using share wave elastography. It should be noted that the indicators of the liver and the pancreas were increased with increasing of obesity. The rating of the influence the etiological factor on the structure state of the liver and the pancreas was established in the direction of reducing the level of stiffness: laparotomy cholecystectomy > noncalculous cholecystitis = functional disorders of the hepatobiliary system > noninvasive cholecystectomy.

Conclusion. The strong direct correlation link between the stiffness index of the liver and the pancreas (r=0,879; p<0,05) demonstrated the fact that the deterioration of the structural state the liver causes similar changes in the structural state of the pancreas, and was established their interrelatedness. It also proved the systematic of steatosis of the liver and the pancreas in patients with CBP in combination with obesity.


chronic biliary pancreatitis; share wave elastography; structural state of the liver; pancreas; etiologic factor


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