Pregnancy and Labors at Women with Preeclampsia Against Early Endothelial Dysfunction

Д. О. Говсєєв


The objective: to study features of course of pregnancy and labors at women with preeclampsia against endothelial dysfunction.

Materials and methods. For the solution of goal we conducted complex examination of 90 pregnant women who were divided into three groups. The control (1) group was made by 30 patients without endothelial dysfunction with the uncomplicated course of pregnancy and labors. The 2nd group – pregnant women with the early endothelial dysfunction (n=30) which pregnancy proceeded without clinical symptoms of preeclampsia at which mild disturbances in hemodynamic system mother–placenta–fetus were taped. The 3rd group (main) – pregnant women with early endothelial dysfunction (n=30), with clinical implications of preeclampsia, passed pregnancy with disturbances in maternal and fetus hemodynamic, ended with the birth of children with hypoxia signs.

Results. Results of the conducted researches testify that the majority of pregnant women of the main group were primapara. 73,3% of women had an extragenital pathology, mainly vegeto vascular dystonia, anemia, an obesity, diseases of kidneys. Pathology of genesial system was presented by inflammatory diseases and hormonal disturbances. The course of the previous pregnancy became complicated relapsing threat of discontinuing, placental dysfunction, a fetal infection and a fetus hypoxia, and also puerperal infectious complications. Premature births were in 46,7% of cases, and pathological hemorrhage took place at 53,3% of women. All newborns of this group were born with signs of an acute hypoxia of varying severity. Infectious complications in the puerperal period developed at nearly a half of puerperas. The extract of women came from maternity hospital for 6–10 days after the delivery. About a third of newborns it was transferred to the second stage of nursing.

Сonclusion. The received results are for us the basis for carrying out further researches of this scientific problem.


pregnancy; labors; preeclampsia; endothelial dysfunction


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