The Modern Face of Celiac Disease. What Should an Internist Know?

Н. Р. Матковська, Л. В. Глушко, Т. Ю. Гавриш, Н. М. Волошинович, Л. М. Скрипник, У. І. Маслій


The World Gastroenterology Organization regards celiac disease as a chronic multicomponent autoimmune disease of the predominantly proximal small intestine, which develops with the use of products containing gluten. Celiac disease is difficult to diagnose due to the multisymptomatic course that can change throughout life. Celiac disease is inherited in an autosomal dominant manner with incomplete penetrance. There are new approaches to the treatment of celiac disease, based on some immune pathogenetic links. In particular, the ways of influencing the intraluminal digestion of gluten, the improvement of barrier functions, the effectiveness of immunomodulators are being studied. Patients should be advised to carefully check the contents of the ingredients before purchasing products. 


celiac disease; gluten-free diet; monitoring the effectiveness of treatment


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