Adaptation and Validation of «The Patient Assessment of Chronic IllnesS Care (PACIC) +» in Ukrainian

Л. Ф. Матюха, О. В. Процюк, Б. О. Смаль


The objective: to adapt an English version of the «PACIC+» questionnaire in Ukrainian and to analyze its validity.

Materials and methods. The translation and cultural adaptation of the original English version of «PACIC+» was performed in accordance with WHO and ISPOR recommendations. The survey was conducted by interviewing patients with a previously verified diagnosis of type 2 diabetes who met the inclusion criteria. Validation of the adapted Ukrainian version was performed by analyzing the validity of the content and structure, criterion validity, internal consistency and retesting.

Results. Through the adaptation process, the time range for evaluating the result was extended up to 1 year, the visual form of the questionnaire was approved and the evaluation scale had been adapted from the previous version of PACIC. The positive correlation of high strength was found between the mean value of «PACIC+» and previously gained education on dibetes (0,655), level of knowledge on diabetes (0,516) and quality of life (0,616). The internal consistency of the questionnaire was above the recommended (α=0,94). The pairwise retest correlation was in the range from 0,412 to 0,807 (p≤0,01), with a predominance of strong positive bond. Principal Component Analysis revealed a discrepancy between the structure of the questionnaire and the expected 6-component form (one of the segmented components represented 47,4% of the variables).

Conclusions. Ukrainian version of the «PACIC+» questionnaire, adapted in accordance with international standards, has reliably proven itself in clinical practice, which was confirmed by an appropriate procedure of validity testing. The combination of insufficient construct validity with a high index of internal consistency indicates its specific focus on assessing the quality of medical care on the basis of CCM in general, rather than within the individual elements of this system.


survey; patient-oriented care; adaptation and validation; diabetes mellitus


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