Multiple pregnancy in contemporary obstetrics (Review of the literature)

А. В. Ткаченко


The aim of this review was to study, analyze and summurise the data of world literature and our own scientific achievements in the problem of multiple pregnancy, antenatal care for women with twins, perinatal care of fetuses, rational approaches to the tactics and the method of delivery of such patients in particular. The results of literature overview of multicentered clinical trials and their meta-analysis in the leading professional scientific resorces about frequency and prevalence of the most common obstetrical, perinatal and neonatal complications in multiple pregnancies, as well as existing methods of their prognosis, diagnosis, prevention and treatment were studied. The implementation of these data and evidence based clinical approaches with proven efficacy in management of women with multiple pregnancy will help to reduce the rate of obstetrical complications, its severity, and may improve perinatal outcomes as the main goal.


multiple pregnancy; twin pregnancy; obstetrical complications; perinatal factors; functional diagnostic of the fetal wellbeing


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