Angioprotection: brain vessels’ protection in family medicine’s practice

С. Г. Бурчинський


In the present paper the role of cerebrovascular pathology in a modern medicine and particularly the role of endothelial dysfunction as a one of the main pathogenetical mechanisms of brain vessels’ disturbances and ischemia of central nervous system has been  looked. Based on this point of view, the requirements to choice of optimal pharmacological strategy concerning correction of brain pathological changes during ischemia, and particularly pharmacotherapy’ advantages using L-arginine have been analyzed. A  main attention paid to clinico-pharmacological effects of drug Tivomax, and possibilities of pathogenetically grounding of angioprotection and neuroprotection. A clinical efficacy of Mexiprim and peculiarities of it’s dosage regimen’s have been looked in detail.


cerebrovascular disturbances; endothelial dysfunction; angioprotection; neuroprotection; L-arginine; Tivomax


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