Efficiency of the treatment of COPD comorbid with chronic pancreatitis

В. С. Хорунжа


The objective: of the study was to optimize the treatment of COPD patients comorbid with the chronic pancreatitis (CP) based on the evaluation of complex therapy’ effect. 

Patients and methods. 60 patients with comorbid pathology COPD and CP were examined, in 30 patients a nitric oxide donor L-arginine was prescribed in addition to pathogenetic therapy. The main indicators of effectiveness were: the dynamics of clinical manifestations, the concentration of serum matrix metalloproteinase-9 and fecal elastase-1.

Results. It was established that the addition of L arginine to treatment led to a significant improvement in quality of life, to reduction in dyspnea, and to decrease of proteolysis’ activity.

Conclusion. The use of L-arginine in treatment of COPD comorbid with CP provides a pronounced therapeutic effect due to its antihypoxic, anti inflammatory and anti proteolytic action.


COPD; chronic pancreatitis; nitric oxide; L-arginine; matrix metalloproteinase-9


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