Awareness of family doctors about the overweight and obesity in children (according to the questionnaire of general practitioners-family doctors)

Д. Д. Дячук, Л. Ф. Матюха, І. Е. Заболотна


The objective: to investigate the opinion of general practitioners–family doctors – on the problem of overweight and obesity in children.

Patients and methods. Was studied the awareness of general practitioners – family doctors (145 survey respondents) on the problem of overweight and obesity in children, their opinion on prevention/cor rection of overweight.

Results. Most doctors believe that overweight is a problem of modern times, which is most often associated with the development of diabetes mellitus, diseases of the circulatory system, endocrine diseases, diseases of the spine and joints. However, only 29,3±4,7% of doctors know the criteria for determining the overweight and obesity in children. Most doctors determine body mass index (BMI) only if the child looks overweight (66,3±4,9%), and 3,3±1,9% – never determine BMI. Their work in the direction of further monitoring the health of children with obesity see only 6,5±2,6% of doctors. Most believe that endocrinologists (68,5±4.8%), dieticians (16,3±3,9%), gastroenterologists (10,9±3,2%) and pediatricians (9,8±3,1%) should be engaged in such patients.

Conclusion. The existing system of prevention of alimentary dependent diseases is deficient, due to lack of standardized programs for early  detection of children’s obesity and related disorders in the state of   health, for accounting for these children and their health monitoring.  Of particular relevance is the introduction at the level of primary health care of measures for the early detection of children with overweight, their recording and monitoring for health reasons, taking into account the risks of the development of diseases.


children; obesity; preventive care


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Dmytro D. Diachuk, Yurii B. Yashchenko, Iryna E. Zabolotna, Liudmyla V. Yashchenko
Wiadomości Lekarskie  Vol: 73  Issue: 5  First page: 873  Year: 2020  
doi: 10.36740/WLek202005107

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