Oxidative stress as a risk factor for vascular comorbid diseases – assessment possibilities of pharmacological correction

Л. А. Дзяк, О. С. Цуркаленко


Generation of free radicals is one of the universal cell activity mechanisms. But their accumulation under the influence of various factors (stress, ischemia, trauma, exogenous and endogenous intoxication, the impact of man made pollution and ionizing radiation) initiates a cascade of metabolic disorders, which play a leading role in the development of comorbid cardiovascular diseases. The combination of the Meksiprim pharmacological effects allow to use it for reducing free radical oxidation and neuroprotection.

The objective: to estimate the efficacy of Meksiprim in patients with vascular comorbid disease.

Patients and methods. A clinical instrumental examination of 60 patients with comorbid vascular diseases.

Results. Meksiprim reduces cochleovestibular, vestibulo cerebellar, asthenic syndrome and emotional volitional disorders, normalizes neurodynamic parameters of the brain, increases cerebral blood flow in hypoperfusion brain, having a high safety profile.

Conclusion. During Meksiprim intake endogenous antioxidant background was normalized.


oxidative stress; comorbid cardiovascular diseases; Meksiprim


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