Distance education for professional development of physicians in medical ethics and psychology of patients and people with disabilities

Л Ю. Науменко, І. Ф. Аршава, І. С. Борисова, В. М. Березовський, В. В. Лепський


It is known that patients and people with disabilities features of life, con1 sciousness, perception, functioning in conditions of limited abilities form a very vulnerable psyche, which requires special tactics, the introduction of ethical standards and norms of ethics while communicating with them, and treatment of medico1social examination. In this regard, smeyne doc1 tors, medical experts, rehabilitation specialists, psychologists need to replenish and improve the knowledge, the skills to effectively use the most appropriate method of interaction with every patient, a person with a disability and/or a member of ATO. The objective: to demonstrate the possibility of introducing elements of distance learning on issues of ethics when dealing with sick people and people with disabilities on the experience of the departments of medico1 social examination and rehabilitation of FPO SE «Dnipropetrovsk med1 ical Academy Ministry of health of Ukraine» and the chair of the Department of General and medical psychology National University. Oles Gonchar (Dnepr). The experience of using elements of distance education proves the advan1 tage of distance learning technologies in post1graduate education. According to a survey of doctors1experts, what was the attraction to car1 rying out of this form of learning, advantages of distance education are: guarantee accthost learning and accessibility for all; a learning opportu1 nity at the place of residence that allows us to attract doctors from rural areas, where the shortage of personnel does not allow for a long time to go to school with a separation from work; savings of financial costs of medical institutions and personal funds physicians; the possibility of rapid response to queries of practical medicine through feedback from representatives of higher education institutions. Conclusions. Тhe educational process of postgraduate medical edu1 cation, which is aimed at raising competitive specialists is impossible without attraction of innovative technologies for distance education, that brings the doctor to the speedy obtaining new professional information. Postgraduate stage of education of a specialist distance learning should be part of the learning process. The use of the method TO the chairs of the ITU and rehabilitation of se «DMA of Ministry health of Ukraine» and General and medical psychology National University. O. Gonchar allowed to respond effectively to the urgent needs of doctors concerning the peculiarities of communi1 cation with patients and with people with disabilities and partici1 pants of the ATO


family doctor; distance education; ethics; psychology


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