Study changes of life quality at innate eye pathology sight for the children of early age as an instrument of forming of their social adaptation in the future

С. О. Риков, Н. В. Медведовська, Ю. В. Баринов, А. А. Шевчик


The objective: studying of life’s quality changes among children of the first three year of life with visual analyzer’s congenital pathology as instrument of their social adaptation’s formation in the future became a research objective.

Patients and methods. Out patient and polyclinic units of Kyiv’s healthcare institutions in which the medical care is provided to chil dren of the first three years of life, particularly with congenital oph thalmic pathology (3 institutions) were scientific base of a research. We have been used the adapted version of the standardized question naire of Children’s Visual Function Questionnaire (CVFQ) Felius et al were primary material. (2004) – 498 questionnaires, from them 398 of the main group and 100 of control. The purpose of a research required using the complex of research meth ods, a basis for which is a system approach, namely: medico statistical and sociological (the respondents were informed about the purpose and research problems and timely gave the oral voluntary agreement in anonymous poll before the filling of questionnaires) methods.

Results. Оf a research has established that parents of children from control group have estimated the general condition of children’s vision totally in 89,75±1,33 points vs 60,25±1,96 points according to a total score of children’s parents from the main group (the difference was 32,87%, at р<0,001). In general, the total number of points was 64,89±1,01 vs 84,67±0,92, with a difference in 23,4% (р<0,001) in the main group, according to life’s quality total score of early years children’s parents. Our research proves existence of children’s life quality changes at the presence of visual violations among them that substantiates expediency of strengthening of early identification and treat ment measures of visual function’s violations at children, within the approved medico technological documents.

Conclusion. Interaction in form of cooperation between the family doctor and children’s ophthalmologist within the competences on maintaining children with visual analyzer’s violation of functions from the first days of life, allows to perform effective long observation of a family, preventing development of medico-social disadaptation both the child, and a family in which it appeared. Research results of life’s quality components changes are informative for a future social functioning of the child, his family, the parent’s attitude to a child’s disease and it’s treatments, and performance of disease’s treatment.


children’s life quality; ophthalmologic pathology; timely diagnostics; observation of the doctor of general practice–the family doctor


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