The use of phytomedicine Solidahoren® in nephropathies and urinary tract infections

В. О. Мойсеєнко, Т. Д. Никула, Т. Б. Брижаченко, І. В. Пасько, Ю. П. Михальчишин


The aim of the research: to study the dynamics of clinical and labora tory parameters under the influence of phytomedicine Solidagoren® in patients with primary and secondary nephropathies and urinary tract infections.

Materials and methods. In an open randomized study with concur rent control took part 52 patients (24 men and 28 women) with chronic kidney disease (CKD): chronic tubulo interstitial nephritis (TIN), pyelonephritis (P) in the acute stage. The main group (A) included 37 patients, the control group (C) included 15. The average age of the surveyed was 38.9±8.6 years. 31 patients were diagnosed with CKD of I stage, 21 II stage. The influence of the medicine Solidagoren® was studied in two phases: stationary (10 14 days) and outpatient (6 weeks).

Results. The inclusion of the medicine Solidagoren® in complex treat ment of patients with CKD of I II stage allows to achieve the desired therapeutic effect faster than in the control group. Patients receiving the medicine Solidagoren® occurred significant reduction in erythro cyte sedimentation rate, level of proteinuria, erythrocyturia and the downward trend in the level of blood urea, increase of hemoglobin lev els in patients with the low level at the beginning of treatment, there also was an increase in glomerular filtration rate. After the treatment, adherence to treatment medicine Solidagoren® was expressed by more than 84% of the respondents.

Conclusion. Phytomedicine Solidagoren® , which has a broad spec trum of activity, can be successfully used for the treatment and sec ondary prevention of many diseases of the urinary system.


nephropathy; urinary tract infection; treatment; Solidahoren®


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