Сlinical consideration of «small signs» of the disease: necessity and art in the primary care physician activity in diagnostics of lifethreatining conditions (on the example of dermatological manifestations of HIV-infection)

В. М. Рудіченко, А. О. Яновська


The article presents literature data and clinical case concerning dermatological manifestations in HIV infection. Paradoxical situation is possible, when big scale of obvious skin disorders can be visible. But in case of the lack of other symptoms and disability, such disorders (eventually «small signs») are not considered as the signals of the danger. Primary and secondary manifestations of skin pathology connected to HIV-1 are given. In HIV-positive patients a lot of different types of papillomaviruses are possible. They can be divided into categories basing on the location, where they appeared (genital, skin), and as high or low risk basing on the potential of malignant proliferation. There is given a description of clinical case, when patient with HIV-infection before admittance to hospital practically did not pay special attention and did not inform medical staff about skin manifestations for a long period of time, causing lack of necessary medical attention and subsequent evaluation.


HIV infection; dermatological manifestations for HIV; human papillomavirus; primary care


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