Postgraduate training of general practitioners: pressing problems expertise permanent disability

Л. Ю. Науменко, І. С. Борисова, В. М. Березовський


The article is devoted to topical issues of post1diploma training of General practitioner–family doctor, what to provide highly qualified expertise in the new conditions of organizational changes of the health care system of Ukraine towards the European choice.

Objective: based on the current state of normative1legal documents to propose to the General practitioner–family doctor poshagovyi algorithm of action, about the direction of the patient (disabled) on medical-social expert Commission (msec) to address health and social issues.

Materials and methods. To address this goal the study used a number of orders of the Ministry of health of Ukraine No 378 from 10.06.2007, No 110 dated 14.02.2012 and No 72 dated 23.02.2001, governing the conduct and direction on MSEK patients with signs of disability and disabled people to resolve health and social issues, including the definition of disability, prolongation of a leaf of invalidity and recommendations on medical, social, vocational and labour rehabilitation.

Results. According to the modern requirements of medical-sanitary aid to the population, the family doctor should be prepared to face a number of expert, medical1social and rehabilitation issues. Use by General practitioner–family physician of the proposed algorithm of action will lead to a more rapid solution of tasks, to ensure timely direction of patient (disabled) MSEK.

Conclusions. Medico1social assessment is an integral part of the work of the General practitioner–family doctor. She has extensive clinical, socio-economic and legal significance. Knowledge of the ways of addressing medico1social problems of the sick and disabled, is bringing the specialist in the field of family medicine to a higher level of integrated multidisciplinary care to patients, invalids and members of their families. Poshagovyi the algorithm presented in this paper is based and comply with the existing legal state documents. The use of this algorithm in practice of the General practitioner–family physician will contribute to solving problems of modern medicine is to ensure the universality, shirokopolosnoi and comprehensive solutions to problems related to health of Ukrainians concerning the provision of highly qualified expert medical assistance.


family doctor; medical and social expertise


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